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Extremely Professional


I don't have enough words to say what a pleasant experience it is working with John. His professionalism is unmatched and his abilities with creating and maintaining our site seems effortless. Truly skilled at his profession.

Frank Pileggi

Press Release Master, Photographer Extraordinaire


In the past, I have worked with John Finley on press releases for a company in the computer software industry. He has extensive knowledge in this field and worked diligently to gain them positive exposure. John Finley also took my professional head shots. At first I was nervous, as I am usually behind the camera. He made me feel very comfortable and they came out beautifully. Each photograph was carefully edited, the were worth every penny. Thank you John!

Emily Harris

Harnessing the technology of the virtual online world...

Every customer requires a different strategy and execution for a successful campaign.  The Lead Ventures Team selects the marketing channels and methods that best fits your Customer Persona and Business Goals.  We leverage the latest in website design, specialized content, search engine optimization (SEO), unique social media strategies and advertising techniques.